About Us


Thank you for visiting our little site; we hope you've enjoyed browsing and picking from the collection! 

We want to take the time to put some faces to some names behind the business. Jess to the left and Tash on the right.

We are besties who love sushi, tea, quality couch time, spontaneous 8pm Kmart trips and ridiculously over committed craft days (and here we are).
We both work full time; Tash works in dental and Jess works in financial planning.

We are naturally drawn to little ones and have so many that we love and adore in our lives. We both can’t wait to start our own families and will take you on that journey with us as well when the time is right. In the meantime, we spend our time spoiling the ones that surround us already – and now yours too!

The Wonders We Create is our hobby business and one we are so proud of! This is our baby and we love the fact that we can bring smiles to YOUR babies faces and help them develop whilst still being able to have fun.

We started this journey in June 2020, mid global pandemic. It was a tough time for all of us around the world; financially, mentally and of course our overall health. We were lucky enough to be able to start this business and spend the time we had connecting with our community and all others around Australia who followed us and supported us. We are so glad that our kits have brought a little bit of happiness into your homes while we were all going through such a hard and dark time.

Come along this ride with us.. because we have so many ideas and so many fun things coming that we know you’ll love too!

Please don’t ever hesitate to ask us any questions or even just chat. We are here and we appreciate your support more than you know! 

Follow us on Instagram if you don't already and send us photos of your cuties getting creative! We love chatting to our little community and getting to know you all and seeing those gorgeous smiles that these kits bring!

Love Jess and Tash xx