Large Bugs Kit

Large Bugs Kit

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Our Large Playdough Kits come with 4 different playdoughs and countless accessories to allow your little one's imaginations to run wild and make their own little creations. 

All of our large kits also come with a work book that corresponds to the theme of the kit. This work book has suggested activities to help you prompt your little one to encourage them to think and learn while they play. It also includes number and letter recognition, as well as some tracing and writing practice. 

By playing and creating, it helps sustain concentration and helps them focus on the activity at hand - all whilst still having fun! 

The accessories will help them get creative whilst developing their fine motor skills when handling the objects. 

By asking questions either while they are playing or once they have completed their masterpiece, it encourages them to think about their answers and helps to improve their language and speech. 



**Recommended for ages 3+

**Small objects can be a choking hazard

**Adult supervision required



**Our playdough is hand made, home made, with no preservatives or toxic ingredients. As the playdough is made from all food grade ingredients, it is perishable and can crystallise with the constant change in temperature. 

**We recommend that you purchase your kit as close as possible to the time you plan on gifting / using the kits so that the playdough remains fresh. 

**The playdough should last in the jar for up to 3 months untouched, if it remains in a cool, dark spot. Once it has been opened and played with, it will last up to 6+ months if it is stored in an airtight container.